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Saturday, February 4, 2017

February's Marginalia: Shocking Updates


I'm back. With some SHOCKING updates! On a February even! (why not January? well this post is posted on a February for a good reason heh heh heh, along with the bad ones)
Ehem. I might be overreacting. Sorry. They are not so shocking at all.

Hey, whaddaya know? After not blogging for *gesturing air quotes* a while *ends of air quotes*, POOF! it's already 20-effing-17! And the last time I posted a post was on October 2014. My blog-posting routine is not in abeyance, it is in a state of dereliction! Sad, this is. How time flies. Flew. Had flown. Because of a seriously demented blogger (me).
WARNING: If you are forgetful like me, you'll end up abandoning your blog for years. It needs commitment, this blog-writing practice. If you are EVER going to start blogging, or a budding blogger by now, pleaaaaaaaaaaase *sobbing* make sure you update your blog regularly and pleaaaaaaaase make sure you aren't as demented (or forgetful, in a less severe situation) as I am before you even create a blog. Keep your motivation on a steady ride. Trust me, pity the blog if you don't. It will become an attic in the cyber world.

So here I am trying to update you guys on a few significant events of my life that have seriously left a few colossal milestones in the history of ME.

First, I am a fully fledged English teacher, I think. 2017 is my third year in this profession. I am teaching in SMK Katibas in the Song district. Have you heard of it? It is located near Rarong river, and yes, the only access to school before they constructed the road was the river and a boat. Now we have road access but it's quite bumpy. Not safe for pregnant women I tell ya. However the beautiful things about this school are the  scenic landscapes surrounding the school area, the students plus the authenticity of the Iban culture where majority of my students and the locals are Iban, the warmth of the locals themselves who are welcoming, friendly workplace and staff, and the stress-free environment. Lemme show you a snippet of the things that I'd talked about (most of the photos were taken one or two years ago so they're quite old and I looked quite young and now I am a bit older-looking *sobs pathetically*)

Who would be /feel stressed looking and gazing at the greenery 95% of the time? (the other 5% would be the looking at the insides of a building / quarters and laptop screens). At first, before coming to this school, I admit, I felt a bit insecure, anxious, and unsure but after spending a few good years here, I manage to adapt and become comfortable with my current lifestyle. I really love my students. I have been though various ups and downs, monumental and unthinkable challenges, and of course, I have also experienced amazing time with amazing people whom I have met and come to know along the way. However I do miss my home in Kuching, my family, my dad who stays in Kuching (my mom stays with me by the way), and my husband who is far away from me.

Yaiks, a husband????

Yes, I am married *gleeful laugh* Since December 10, 2016.
Here are the proofs in case you're saying I'm delusional. 

Erkhemm *blushes*

Okay, I will type no more. My conscience has been sending me non-stop warning signals so that I would get back to work, pronto (or was it my tummy? I haven't had my breakfast actually). Well, this has been a splendiferous way to temporarily deviate from my humdrum routine. I should reaaaaaally get back to work (or make breakfast). Will try, to the best of my ability, updating this blog with more beneficial stuff in the future, perhaps things related to my profession. *fingers crossed*


Friday, October 31, 2014

October's Marginalia: Life

Hi. It has been a while.
I only write when I'm feeling creative + have the motivation to write.
Both, came knocking the door today so here I am.

Today, I'm writing about *drum rolls* LIFE!
Yeah BOOHOO, such a boring topic. But I am itching to share it no matter what the audience readers think so.... yeah.

1.1 Being Human
image is by
You're human. Human, as we know, are good companions to other humans. Humans, are humane (?). They are not perfect. I admit, some people might be angelic, holy, pious, generous, kind, intelligent, beautiful, selfless, successful but none are FLAWLESS. No matter how perfect they appear to be, they have flaws too (those celebrities you admire, they are not perfect. They fart and poop defecate too!) NOBODY can escape that NOBODY-IS-PERFECT and EVERYBODY-MAKES-MISTAKES motto. You can't, and I can't too.

So, I thought I'd conshare (confess+share. it's not a real word so don't use it in your officially-marked-by-the-teachers essays). There are several points in my past that I consider as flaws/flawed and now my mature (?) self automatically repents whenever the flashbacks haunt. If I could go back in time, I would slap myself. Hundreds of times. with a chair. Or, just, undo and nullify every mistake I made (what's the point of going back in time, really, if you couldn't do that?). And I would apologise, hundreds of times so that we'd be even and the guilt I feel would disappear willingly. However some of them made me into the person I am today. The mistakes we made are not solely mistakes; they are guidance. However it would be completely useless if we never learn from em'. So, I've learnt my lesson. Have you?

1.2 Dreams vs Reality
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So you'd think your dreams are counterproductive, useless, worthless, uninspiring, unrewarding, and impossible to achieve. Don't worry, dreams are dreams. It won't hurt you (yet). That's why it's okay to DREAM BIG *enter angelic chorus* especially if it's related to your passion. The more the merrier! If you can't achieve one dream you can strive for the other!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The BIG List: Rai's Top 5 Cosmetic/Skin Care Brands + Jan/Feb's favourites

Hi girls and boys!

In this entry I merely want to share with you the top 5 cosmetics/skin care brands that I wear. They are among my favourite brands as well. This entry is entirely based on my personal experience. We might have different views on the brands and products but that's fine. We are not entitled to our own facts but we are definitely entitled to our own opinions. =D But if you find this entry very helpful, then I am a very grateful girl.

Let's start with #1!

1. Etude House

Etude House is a Korean brand. This brand deserves to be my Top 1 because of several bona fide reasons. First, their packaging and presentation are absolutely adorable! Pink, cute, feminine, pretty; so you can already see how it is very relevant and relatable to girls and femininity. And I loooooove pink and cute stuff so naturally I fall in love with their overall image and concept. And their stores are absolutely adorable as well! Their interior designers deserve 100 pats on their backs because they have managed to come up with a concept that is so compelling and attractive!

Short reminiscence: my first two Etude House products were Precious Mineral BB Cream and Precious Mineral compact powder.

The BB cream has a very nice coverage. I wore it because back in the days my skin was horrible. Full with pimples. No matter how small, they were annoyingly and embarrassingly conspicuous. I found this brand after watching Kdrama You're Beautiful. I saw Park Shin Hye's CF for this product. And I secretly fell in love with it. I bought the two products in Kuala Lumpur (2010). I was totally ecstatic when I saw a small Etude House shop in Bukit Bintang because years ago, there was no Etude House shop in Kuching. When I studied in the UK, it was easier for me to purchase it with the help from so I become a regular customer ever since. I stopped buying Etude House products for a while but in 2013 my addiction came back and now I own quite a number of Etude House products. These are some of the products I currently have right now:


Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hi readers! (I doubt I have much)

It's been a while yea i know i know yada schedule is hectic yada yada. this semester i'm teaching Form 4 students so you know how busy a teacher is, unless you still think a teacher only lies and basks in the sun.

But today that's not my topic. I had an a-ha moment a few minutes ago when I was preparing my breakfast. The thought passed through my mind out of the blue and I think I should share it.

Did you notice that whenever you contemplate on products, there are some that have something like "Award-winning Product" or "As seen on TV" or "Low Calories" or "Cashmere Coat made from true cashmere" or  "Low salt" or "the slimming chillies are imported from French" on the products, making you believe that the products are WOW-THEY-ARE-GOOD.

Actually, what the marketers and sales executives are doing to us the ignorant consumers is actually the art of DECEPTION. they think they can gain profits and attract buyers by doing so (and they actually did. i ended up buying products with those doubtfully true statements). and sometimes they just state whatever appealing features of the products, no matter how obvious or direct, and make it compelling for instance:

"A revolution in sizing, fit and thinking. Slimming side seams & subtle boot cut flatter your shape. A reverse yoke lifts the seat. Vertical back pockets are proportioned to make the most of your assets and a contour waistband means these jeans won’t gap in the back"

"This rare Chinese tea is carefully picked by specially trained monkeys in a remote mountain region of China. Legend has it that monkeys were first used to collect tea ten centuries ago, because upon seeing it’s master trying to reach some tea growing wild on a mountain face, the monkey climbed up the steep face and collected the tea growing there and brought it down to his master"

"Specially formulated with Red Chilli Extract imported from France, the XXX chilli firming range products have thermal heating properties which help enhance circulation and body contouring when massaged onto your skin".

These are highly compelling descriptions however, if you take off the consumer's shoes for a while and wear the critical thinker's hat, you will be able to see how obvious, unnecessarily redundant the descriptions are. They just rephrase, for instance "this pants have two pockets, a zip, rooms for butts, slim design to fit any skinny thighs but not the large ones" and certain obvious features of the products into a more flowery and compelling statement. Well, well done to that! That got me most of the time. Not all of the descriptions are true. Less fat doesn't truly mean less. If brand X has 25g of fat, brand Y with "less fat" label might have 24g fat, which is obviously lesser than the other however the difference is almost indiscernible. Gold bracelet doesn't mean 100 % gold. Cashmere coat is not necessarily cashmere if the label says 5 percent cashmere and 90 percent polyester.

Those marketers are not 100% at fault . They just want to attract buyers and gain enough money to pay for everyone who works in the company and their factories in China. But be careful dear buyers, don't be like me. Don't be like Rebecca Bloomwood. 
Don't fall directly for the blatant and CAPTAIN OBVIOUS descriptions. Not all products are bad but make sure you don't accidentally trust and buy a bad product because of the deceitful, seemingly true descriptions.

Have a nice day!

Yours truthfully,
Pinku no Ichigo Yuki