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Friday, October 31, 2014

October's Marginalia: Life

Hi. It has been a while.
I only write when I'm feeling creative + have the motivation to write.
Both, came knocking the door today so here I am.

Today, I'm writing about *drum rolls* LIFE!
Yeah BOOHOO, such a boring topic. But I am itching to share it no matter what the audience readers think so.... yeah.

1.1 Being Human
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You're human. Human, as we know, are good companions to other humans. Humans, are humane (?). They are not perfect. I admit, some people might be angelic, holy, pious, generous, kind, intelligent, beautiful, selfless, successful but none are FLAWLESS. No matter how perfect they appear to be, they have flaws too (those celebrities you admire, they are not perfect. They fart and poop defecate too!) NOBODY can escape that NOBODY-IS-PERFECT and EVERYBODY-MAKES-MISTAKES motto. You can't, and I can't too.

So, I thought I'd conshare (confess+share. it's not a real word so don't use it in your officially-marked-by-the-teachers essays). There are several points in my past that I consider as flaws/flawed and now my mature (?) self automatically repents whenever the flashbacks haunt. If I could go back in time, I would slap myself. Hundreds of times. with a chair. Or, just, undo and nullify every mistake I made (what's the point of going back in time, really, if you couldn't do that?). And I would apologise, hundreds of times so that we'd be even and the guilt I feel would disappear willingly. However some of them made me into the person I am today. The mistakes we made are not solely mistakes; they are guidance. However it would be completely useless if we never learn from em'. So, I've learnt my lesson. Have you?

1.2 Dreams vs Reality
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So you'd think your dreams are counterproductive, useless, worthless, uninspiring, unrewarding, and impossible to achieve. Don't worry, dreams are dreams. It won't hurt you (yet). That's why it's okay to DREAM BIG *enter angelic chorus* especially if it's related to your passion. The more the merrier! If you can't achieve one dream you can strive for the other!

My teenage dreams were ridiculous. Some were superfluously crappy and laughable. I was crap at being inspirational and 'aspiring'. But, some of them ALSO made me into the person I am today. I am half thankful, and half confused. Cuz my life took an unexpected turn, like a twist at the end of a romantic movie you've anticipated it to be (turns out it's a horror+comedy+mundane and you're paying extras for your couple seats for nothing. Haha). Life offers you better solutions and choices as long as you have faith. So, never give up! One door's closed, another door opens remember? It happened to me.

1.3 Life can be random and it goes ooooon
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Life can be random. One may find his/her soulmate in a bus he/she rides everyday to college/work. One could lose 200 pounds+ and the entire collections of bank cards for being careless. One may get his/her dream job. One may also stumble across this ridiculously long blog post, read it, and gain nothing out of it (sorry). But the thing about life is, it goes on. and on. and on. And at a random pace. Sometimes, you leave precious milestones to mark the historical achievement of your life journey. Sometimes, you just want to scratch and burn that one or two episodes of your life till there's no evidence left. It's unexpected.

But let me leave you with a thought provoking notion; whatever happens in life, it depends on you too. The outcomes can be random, but the choice is yours. is it so? However, nothing is random to Him. Everything is already being written in our destiny 'books' by God, including the moment you read this post. It may look random but only to us, not to Him. But He, at the same time gives us the opportunities to make good choices in life. Make effort, prayer/du'a, tawakkal are part of it. 

So, in a nutshell, everybody makes mistakes, nobody's perfect! *Hannah Montana style*, dreams vs reality, and life is random, and it is part of our destiny. The conclusion pretty much doesn't make sense, does it? (DON'T TRY THIS IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT or your mark shall be deducted for being incoherent).


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