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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The BIG List: Rai's Top 5 Cosmetic/Skin Care Brands + Jan/Feb's favourites

Hi girls and boys!

In this entry I merely want to share with you the top 5 cosmetics/skin care brands that I wear. They are among my favourite brands as well. This entry is entirely based on my personal experience. We might have different views on the brands and products but that's fine. We are not entitled to our own facts but we are definitely entitled to our own opinions. =D But if you find this entry very helpful, then I am a very grateful girl.

Let's start with #1!

1. Etude House

Etude House is a Korean brand. This brand deserves to be my Top 1 because of several bona fide reasons. First, their packaging and presentation are absolutely adorable! Pink, cute, feminine, pretty; so you can already see how it is very relevant and relatable to girls and femininity. And I loooooove pink and cute stuff so naturally I fall in love with their overall image and concept. And their stores are absolutely adorable as well! Their interior designers deserve 100 pats on their backs because they have managed to come up with a concept that is so compelling and attractive!

Short reminiscence: my first two Etude House products were Precious Mineral BB Cream and Precious Mineral compact powder.

The BB cream has a very nice coverage. I wore it because back in the days my skin was horrible. Full with pimples. No matter how small, they were annoyingly and embarrassingly conspicuous. I found this brand after watching Kdrama You're Beautiful. I saw Park Shin Hye's CF for this product. And I secretly fell in love with it. I bought the two products in Kuala Lumpur (2010). I was totally ecstatic when I saw a small Etude House shop in Bukit Bintang because years ago, there was no Etude House shop in Kuching. When I studied in the UK, it was easier for me to purchase it with the help from so I become a regular customer ever since. I stopped buying Etude House products for a while but in 2013 my addiction came back and now I own quite a number of Etude House products. These are some of the products I currently have right now:


All of the products are very satisfying except for the last one: vivid pop stick. I don't know why every time I wear it on my lips, within less than an hour, they will chap. TT__TT Okay, let's put it aside. The liquid eyeliner is very affordable and long-lasting. The auto pencil is even more long-lasting because it's waterproof. And it does not smudge your eyelids (that's the most important thing evaaaa). The 3 in 1 Cupcake Sweet Recipe) is absolutely adorable; you can wear it as an eye shadow, blusher, and lip balm.

2. The Face Shop
This brand made the second place. I discovered this brand in 2013, from the influence of my roomies (haha you know who you are). What I like most about this brand is that most of the time, they're on sales (haha figures). And once you become a member, you are entitled to numerous discounts and benefits. I recently got my birthday present from The Face Shop; a steel spoon and a pair of chopsticks directly from Korea. The cosmetics are quite good actually. This brand is all about natural ingredients so that's one of the things that makes it good. I've recently purchased Face it Maxx Gel Liner and Colour My Eye Brow (oooooo, moustache!) and they're superb! These products are very easy to apply. I am totally into ulzzang look so these two are my best helpers. The gel liner comes with its own brush and it has a small place to store it so you won't lose it!


3. The Body Shop

Well ain't this a famous brand! This brand made to the third place because I rarely shop here unless I have extra budget. But hell, the products do wonders on my skin! In 2013 I purchase almost a complete set of Body Shop Tea Tree skin care regime. Back then I was determined to reduce the annoying pimples on my face, thanks to Youtube and all of those pretty faces I've seen in makeup tutorial videos (and Michelle Phan too) that I'm envious of. 

After following the regime very diligently + wearing other products alongside of it, my face showed positive changes! There are less breakouts, the spots are fading, and my skin becomes 70% clearer than before. Thank you Body Shop! What I bought were Tea Tree facial wash, toner, skin clearing lotion, night serum, and tea tree oil. Apart from skin care product, I am a fan of Body Shop perfumes. Back when I was in UK, I was only interested in the perfumes and body mists. The prices were incredibly cheap there especially if they're on sale. I kinda regret it for not appreciating the valuable discounts I could have gotten in UK. I should have purchased more products huhu. I am only interested 100% in Body Shop products once I returned to Malaysia. Darn it. Recently I have purchased Vit C Daily Moisturiser (because I almost finish my tea tree moisturiser) and Blue Corn mask. So far, so good! The mask really softens your skin and cleanses it thoroughly.

4. Maybelline
This is like everyone's favourite drug store brand. What I like most about Maybelline is that they always come out with numerous types of everything, for example, mascaras (volumising, waterproof, long lashes), eye shadows (mineralised, duo, shimmery, quads), compacts (oil free, shine free, foundation), and so forth. Most of the products are fairly affordable as well. And the shelf? Very easy to find. Always available in your favourite drug stores whenever and wherever. All hail accessibility! As far as I can remember, I only own three products from Maybelline right now:


5. Silky Girl
Malaysia's very own make up brand. So, most of the products are very much affordable! When I was a teenager, I always bought the eye shadows, especially the duo palette eye shadows, the blusher and Lash Prism mascara to satisfy my girly needs (lol sounds a bit weird there). I was always on a tight budget so this brand was like my very own fairy godmother back then. Despite the price, the products are of good quality. Now I'm still using some of Silkygirl products, e.g. the make up remover, 20 hour long-lasting eye liner, and the very same mascara I used to wear when I was 17. Haha. I really like the eye liner. It really stays and it does not smudge. But I'm using Face it Gel Liner right now. Saves more money because the gel would last longer than the pencil. The make up remover on the other hand does excellent job at removing any kinds of make up products! So get it!

Okay, those are basically the brands I like most. Mind you, I am a hoarder so I have many other products in my make up purse TT^TT curses my shopaholic soul!

I hope you find this entry very useful especially if you're looking for cosmetics right now.

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