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Monday, September 2, 2013

September's Marginalia (Oh finally an update!): A confession of a shopaholic - How to be a Shopaholic when you are BROKE

Well well. We meet again, empty white blog post box that needs to be filled with writings after being abandoned for a few months. I am sorry, and I admit that it is hard for me to keep things going. I think I have commitment issues. Err, no, I will be a good wife (wait, what?) if God wills it. This is about something else okay! I think my commitment, on posting blogs or updating stuff or  keeping the 'insides' of my wardrobe tidy and not out of place or keeping my study table presentable for more than a week or updating the lives of my OCs (original characters, in case you don't understand artist/otaku's term), anything that needs updating without any super important purposes, is terrible and always wavery. I think motivation is the main issue here as well. I'm not committed because I'm not motivated. No motivation, no action, which is baaaaad. Only recently I gained unknown drive to post something and voila! This post was born! Oh, I'm moving away from the main focus of the day (I have trouble getting straight to the point as well....)



Let's talk about "How to be a Shopaholic when you are BROKE"

......I think I'll be right back. I need to get a shower. Sweating like a pig here....

Erkhem I don't even sweat!!

Opppss.....English idioms.

Okay, I'm back. Feel like I didn't go anywhere though when you're reading this.

So, when you're broke, you have no money, or in our term, not-enough-money-to-buy-the-things-we-desire-because-most-of-them-are-pricey kinda broke. So, to satisfy the inner, quietly screaming shopaholic crave, one thing left to do is to shop for CHEAPn'ENJOYABLE products! Find cheap stuff which you can enjoy. It's like looking for new easier hobbies to replace the previous hobbies you don't have time to spend on (if your hobby is to skydive or do flying fox, replace them with Candy Crush instead. Everyone loves Candy Crush). Cheap stuff you can afford to buy and enjoy are (i) facial masks, (ii) eye masks, (iii) snacks (iv) drinks in cartons/cans (v) cheap n' cute accessories e.g. earrings, necklace (vi) cheap eyeshadows (vii) cheap perfumes (viii) nail polishes (ix) cheap n' cute hair accessories e.g. clips, hair bands, and so forth (I think this list is more apt for girls). There you have it. You don't have to buy them in large quantities at one time. Buy one, or two for starters. And if you want to add more into your collection, buy another one next time.

For instance, I have developed a habit of buying cheap facial masks (disclaimer: the influence came from my roomies btw). I do find wearing masks totally relaxing (especially if you're in my shoes. You have to cope with lotsa stress, physical and mental), so I keep buying more and more. And they're cheap! I often look for the discounted price masks. My favourite so far is but, Becky Q10 facial masks. The rp price was RM36 but I bought it for RM18 for a box because it was on sale (Watson, in case you're getting a box). There are 8 sheets of masks per box. My Beauty Diary is not bad as well. Rp is usually RM6.90 per mask. But certain shops sell em only for RM3 each. What a bargain! Of course, I bought em for RM3. And eye masks are generally very uncostly.

My roomies have more masks btw. So these are my 'essence of happiness' so far, because our allowance is not in yet. It is fun to add more masks into my collection, and very nice to wear em on my face. Good for my face as well. You are killing two birds with one stone here!

So yeah, you can still shop although you're broke!

Sincerely yours,
Pinku no Ichigo Yuki (Rai)


  1. it's been so loongg since your last update~ xD

    1. hahha yes exactly. that's why i said i have commitment issues lol