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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

of efflorescing brainchild

I'm using strange words for the title of my blog
indeed. always.
cuz i like strange, idiosyncratic things!

Hi ya, welcome to my new fresh from the oven blog! Yes I used to have one before but I wanted to start anew because I wanna re-image the whole concept of my blog (i was being inconsistent in my previous one) hence, Efflorescing Brainchild was born!

With new motivation, new aim, new concept (....sorta....), I will try my best updating this page from time to time. insyallah.

What you will see/read/encounter in the blog:

  • personal updates (diary-like entries)
  • fashion updates (my own or others')
  • random arts updates
  • probably random tutorials (if I'm motivated enough to do one)

Language preference:
  • mainly English. I could practise using the lexis/lexical items that I learnt here other than on Facebook (I'm Michael Lewis's theoretical 'daughter'). not to show off my English (well, sometimes. but rarely) but I genuinely want to practise my crappy English. crappy. yes. it isssssss. from the perspectives of a future English teacher it is crappy. do correct me, I'm willing to learn!

well... the whole thing is....kinda...
not much difference from the previous one =.=;;

P/S So yeah there is Blogspot apps for Androids! *claps*

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