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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November's Marginalia: moon, stars, and earth

" We're chasing moon and stars but we forget about the earth. It has always been there for us whenever we fall but we take it for granted just because it's under our feet -Figuratively speaking- "
(by me)

The idea behind this quote wasn't that deep at the beginning. Probably because I was on the highest peak of my creativity when I wrote it. Then I realised 'WHOA, I am deep!'. Accidentally maybe. Okay, let me explain by using several contexts.

In  our effort to attain our goals, we always aim for the very best. We want to be rich, we want to be successful, we want to be on top of everyone else (I mean, who doesn't want that right?). Also, when it comes to trends or lifestyles, we often follow the most popular ones and try to obtain the best to be the best, or just wanting to fit in. However in our self-indulging journey to reach all those, often or sometimes we forget about what we already have e.g. family, love, friends, our own wealth, knowledge, the "EARTH", and they are sometimes forgotten or ignored just because we are blasĂ© to it or their existence seem to be obscure and insignificant. Then we start to forget and lose the ones we rely on the most.

This does happen.

But don't worry if it happens to you! It's not necessarily a bad thing because you can learn from it. And when you do you'll appreciate those who are around you more and more and you'll always be reminded of the lesson you learnt. I learnt mine. =D

Sincerely yours,
Pinku no Ichigo Yuki (Rai)

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