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Sunday, December 9, 2012

December's Marginalia: The public loo needs loud noise/music!

Have you ever been in a situation where:

1) You have horrendous stomach ache/upset tummy. Probably it's diarrhoea.
2) You enter the public ladies. It's empty. Watta relief!
3) Once you're inside the cubicle, somebody enters the loo. No, seems like a few ladies are already in the loo as well!
4) The loo is too quiet. You can hear every single thing. Including 'that', shortly. Yes.
5) Self-consciousness raises to its maximum level. Now everyone will know you're diarrhoeic because it's too quiet. Terrific!

I hate/despise/abhor/abominate mute public loo. I'm one of those self-conscious girls who prefer (completely) empty loo for at least half an hour, or a super noisy one. I don't want tranquillity when I'm baking brownies! The awkwardness is too unbearable and mortifying!! Don't you think so? I mean, I don't mind others', seriously I don't but mine is....well I'm too shy to let others hear 'it'. 

So I hereby suggest to public loo managers or loo companies (if there's any) to install 2 - 4 huge speakers inside the loo and play any loud music that can drown any unwanted, unexpected, unplanned 'sound effects' to save humankind from awful, traumatic, humiliating moments of their lives. 

A bit exaggerated but admit it - it's a practical suggestion right? *winks*
Wait, why am I thinking about loo right after I wake up?

Sincerely yours
Pinku no Ichigo Yuki (Rai)


  1. LOL..there's this one public toilet at a campsite in Italy, Rome rasanya.. they play music and radio dalam tandas...keh3

  2. omooo, italian r sooo lucky!! dlm drake circus ada je speaker tp music dia xloud sgt! still boleh dgr bunyi alam hahhahaaaa

  3. ahaha i've been thru it once..
    well, although i'm a guy, i did feel a little weird with the awkward silent moment lol..